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Bye-bye …

(06.09.2014) Exactly one year and three months ago it went online – the website for the International Church Convention (ICC) at www.icc2014.org. Loads of information, advice, tips and reports all about the ICC was made available on the website for the ICC visitors. During the three-day event, a team of ICC editors additionally reported live from Munich (see ICC!Live) and made it possible for all those who couldn’t participate to nevertheless gain a bit of the feeling.

Now three months have passed since the first Church Convention hosted by the New Apostolic Church International finished … and what has remained? Memories covering personal experiences and encounters during those three days, lasting impressions of the ICC feeling, and above all the impulse “It is more blessed to give than to receive” from the Pentecost sermon of Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider which is continuing to live in the congregations worldwide.

The reports, photos and videos on the ICC website – which will remain available online – additionally provide an opportunity to relive parts of the ICC or to keep alive the wonderful memories.

At this point we now want to take leave with the favourite ICC video of the editing team, which came into being in the Olympic Park on Pentecost Saturday (and thanks again here to Nils Paland!) and allows a lot of the great atmosphere at the ICC to be quickly perceived again.

Sincere thanks to all readers … and until next time! Bye-bye …