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The Biker's meeting point at the ICC


Powerful engines and powerful faith - The Biker Point at the International Church Convention

(19.06.2014) It all began in May 2001 with an advertisement in the magazine "Our Family". Siegfried Pfeiffer had submitted it. "Motorcycle friends wanted for excursions ..." was advertised. 40 people turned up for the first meeting in Lochgau (at Besigheim). Since then, they regularly meet, and there are now more and more motorcycle enthusiasts: for trips, for safety training, for lectures - or just for socializing. They call themselves "NAC Bikers" and wear black T-shirts with the logo clearly visible. This not only creates community, but also some opportunity for public relations. They no longer even remember how often they have already spoken about their faith in parking lots, service areas or in mountain huts.

So it made sense to meet at the ICC (International Church Convention) with the New Apostolic motorcycle friends from the other regions of Germany as well. Conveniently located on Spiridon-Louis-Ring, they showed off their "hot rods" to the appeal of the church day visitors, and so astounded many. "A priest in motorbike gear, that's a surprising sight! Although, this suit is also black indeed... ", chuckled someone present.

On Thursday June 5, 2014 already, a group of around 25 people had begun to build the stand. A picture wall informed one about the various activities, the Triumph machine served as a Photo point against the backdrop painting, as the nearly 100 strong personnel of the NAK Biker Point briefed the guests. Almost all the stand staff was approached about their motorcycles, whether from Flensburg, Switzerland or Avignon in France. The oldest active NAC biker was also there and despite his 80 years, drove to the ICC on his chopper machine.
A large meeting of all NAC bikers is regularly organized on Ascension Day. Groups meet at various places throughout the Republic. This year they met in Kassel..130 people on almost 90 motorcycles. The images shown on the walls at the ICC was all created in Kassel.

Of course, with more extended excursions, a visit to attend the divine service is also an element of the program. This year, Bishop Axel M√ľnster, held a divine service in the congregation of Kassel. Before the service he laid a motorcycle helmet on a free chair - as a reminder of motorcyclists that had lost their lives. It was a moving moment for the whole community, as a special prayer was said for these people.

The Annual 2015 meeting will be held in Annaberg-Buchholz. This is not the only meeting already planned for this year. The bikers are active throughout the year. Accurate data and much more information for interested parties, can be found on the Internet at: www.nakbiker.de or www.bikergroup.de

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