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"This was a hot church convention – in every aspect" – The bulletin profile

(08.06.2014) In the round of the Olympiahalle a big bulletin board was placed. There impressions, wishes and critic to the International Church Convention (ICC) could be comprised. The need was that much that the responsibles had to take away again and again pins to enable other participants to take also part. The feedback has been grown to a stately pack with interesting, revealing and contemplative inputs.

Due to the big heat one participant wrote with a twinkle:
"There have been too much prayers for good weather ". "Premiere successful" and "Please repeat!" could be read several times. The partly overstrained catering were evaluated by some visitors: "2 fishes and 5 breads – that’s not working ".

"EJT-Feeling reloaded",  "Found a girlfriend". "So many believing the same ...", "...and all these wonderful moments are only possible due to you ...", showed an impression into the hearts of the believers.

And someone from Zambia wrote: "Joined in love".  "Unity strengthens",  "perfect to check Christians", and much more other funny sentences have been conceived by visitors.

Rebekka from the 3b thinks: "All is fine, but that’s necessary to crimp through the crowd".

Even a notice in "Plattdeutsch" was added: "Heel moi." (Very nice)

A French participant thought: "Thanks for all that joy in our hearts ". This was approved by Garcila and Rudy from Argentina. "Thanks Munich ...!", joined Namiye from Africa.

Even greetings from Shanghai could be found and the "Note A for the nicest feast of my live " from Patrizia from Forli for the ICC.

But there was also critic. For example the security instructions were too strict. "More public viewing” and "If you improve the song textes all is fine!" a participant criticize humorous. Also that many events were overfilled due to big interest made some persons sad.

Somebody travelled from Berlin summarized his feelings as follows: "Heaven is really among us."  And a strongly wish from Cape Town: The Church Convention was a fantastic idea. Happy looking forward to the next one in Africa.
A visitor from Spain was blessed to be able to meet brothers and sisters from all over the world.

"Not known and known overall", describes another participants his impression. And a congregation from Equatorial-Guinea left their greetings.

Leonie explains: "Inclusion. Thanks for this important topic ". "Pray for peace in Ukraine" one visitor pleased.

Finally one statement which expressed all many of the not named here:
"IKT was hot. Thanks to all who made it possible –  especially GOD!"

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