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"In your name" - a worship of fireworks at the end of the Church Convention

(08.06.2014) The Gospel Project rocked the Olympic Hall. The mood cannot be otherwise described in the final concert of the first International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church on Pentecost Sunday afternoon. Already during the last sound check earlier, the concert spilled La-Ola-waves through the fully occupied Olympiahalle. More than 12,000 enthusiastic listeners could not wait for when the 100 actors in the Gospel project finally stormed the stage and opened the concert with "Bless the Lord".

Originally formed as a project choir from Saxony and Thuringia for the European Youth Day 2009, the Gospel Project with choir, orchestra, band and soloists have developed into a solid musical group to practice praising God in a modern way. The four conductors not only share the musical work but also the moderation. With full Christian belief, the audience was prepared for the coming lecture title. The question "who do we want to praise?" was posed, from when a violin accompanied by a piano sensitively started playing the "Agnus Dei" to when the orchestra, choir and band gradually started.

Already by the third item "Come to my Jesus" - EYD anthem of 2009 - the hall finally roared and the first phones lit up. The facilitator encouraged all participants to "Sing until the power comes down and we can feel it here in the Hall" while contributing to "Praise his holy name". Goosebumps arose when Dominic Omanchonu played his solo part in "Fly away to my home".

The fact that neither praising God nor music style nor epoch but content really matters, is proved with the impressive arrangement of "Sing your praise to the Lord". The band and soloist ripped into an intoned Bach piano fugue, while at the same time the choir rounded off with "Praise the Lord" - it sounded fantastic!

"O happy day" awoke in the public, memories of the Pentecost service in the morning with almost 50,000 participants in the Olympic Stadium and all rose up in awe from their seats. After the Gospel Medley, specially arranged for the Gospel Project, unending applause broke out, even though the concert was not yet at an end.

As the historical background of "Amazing Grace" was recited in a few words accompanied by the orchestra, some listeners furtively wiped away a tear. Thereafter there was no stopping the audience: there was clapping, mobile phones were taken out and ICC scarves were swayed by the extremely overjoyed audience with the glad tidings of: "My little light - let it shine" and the encore, "This little light of mine".


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