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A choir practice of another manner…

(08.06.2014) Already long before the official start of the item of the program „Sing-along for everyone“ the people poured into the Olympiahalle. A few certainly went there because they were searching for more pleasant temperatures – there were above 30 ° degrees Celsius outside - however, the largest part came in a joyful expectation of the „Sing-along for everyone“, which should have started at 2 pm. Target group of the event: everybody who likes singing, listening and taking part; this is what the Guide promises.

Just before the start one could hear the song „Happy“ by Pharrell Williams‘ Lied „Happy“ – and on the screen the visitors of the International Church Convention danced through the Olympiapark. It’s a hit which distributed great enthusiasm and attracted more visitors. 

At 2 pm the applause began. Gerrit Junge whom someone perhaps knows as choir-master of the EJD choir welcomes the attendees and already now, he infects everybody with his good mood. Sigi Hänger, too, gets thunderous applause at the piano. The Sing-along for everyone can begin; and the Olympiahall is absolutely full again like several times during this ICC. Gerrit Junge immediately begins with practices to warm up one’s voice. After all this is a choir practice, he says. Some attendees are laughing when looking around. Many probably haven’t experienced yet a choir practice with almost 12.000 singers.  

In the following 45 minutes three songs are practiced in the individual voices and finally are put together. After the first song „Gott ist getreu“ by Timo Schmidt Junge says only: „A lot of things were right now“; but at least after the catchy tune „Du allein bist meine Zuflucht“ by Martin Sellke everybody was infected by the enthusiasm. On the big screens you can see beaming singers.
At the end one can hear „Du bist unser Licht“ by Julia Maier. Also a catchy tune again which let the eyes beam in the Olympiahalle. Then suddenly, Wilhelm Leber, spiritual leader of the New Apostolic Church between 2005 and 2013, comes into the Olympiahalle and sits down in the midst of the audience to sing together with them.  „I am quite confused now… refrain .. yes, that’s what I wanted to say“, Gerrit Junge only said and continued with the same enthusiasm and joy as before.

After three exciting songs nobody wants to stop and everybody applaud and continue to sing. A choir practice of another manner: entertaining, filling everybody with enthusiasm – and together with the Chief Apostle.


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