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Hot Chill-out at the Theatron

(08.06.2014) The name of this event could lead one to think of a cool finale, but the temperature was too high. The sun burned down on the audience of the Theatron and also Frithjof Tomusch at the Keyboard and his four Band members had a hard job to impress the audience. Nevertheless a few hundred friends of groove-sound and jazz music watched from a limited place in the shadows or direct in the sun shine to follow singer Julia Maier, accompanied by musicians on Bass, drums, Piano and Keyboard.

Internationally known songs, mostly out of the New Apostolic Hymnal, were presented in an un-usual form: they were presented in a jazz style with high improvisation.

The choral: „When peace with the father“, for example, could not be recognized in the introduction jazz accords but only when soul-voice Julia sang the melody.

Songs like „Nearer my God to Thee” or “Come share the bread”, presented in English, were interrupted by great improvisations from the musicians. That led to a beautiful finish of this Faith-event, because these songs cause strong emotions of New Apostolic Christian and personal reminder of experiences of faith.

Again and again the audience clapped to the songs.   This wish, to be active while hearing was fulfilled by Tomusch at the end of the concert: He invited everybody to sing: “God be with you till we meet again”. A great applause was heard and a bonus song “Sing a song of God”, the ICC song, resounded in a great manner. All participants could leave with thankful emotions.


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