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Concert for the feast of Pentecost on high musical level

(07.06.2014) After an eventful day the concert on Saturday evening built a sentimental conclusion and at the same time everybody got in the right mood for the Pentecost service on Sunday. An audience of about 40.000 people arrived already some time before the beginning in the historic Olympiastadion of Munich at a radiant sunshine.

Quite a number of Laola waves did its circles around the stadium already for a long time before the concert. Some entrances had to be closed in advance because of overcrowding. A lot of anticipation of the concert as well as enthusiasm of the many things experienced could be felt. An orange sea of ICC scarves and a cheerful audience made a special atmosphere.

In connection with the quite different music contributions which had all of them their own charisma, the motto of the evening could be well understood: "For the kingdom of God is righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost." (see Romans 14,17). The introduction to the evening as well as singing the common songs was taken over by Manuel Helmeke.

The concert was opened by the Junge Philharmonie of the District Church of South Germany directed by Uwe Münch. In Peter Tschaikowsky‘s symphonie no. 5, 2. movement they expressed the deep longing of man for peace, and the high musical standard of all musicians already was shown after the first contribution.

The 2. movement of the violin concert G minor of Max Bruch radiated calmness which was almost celestial and so it gave a peaceful mood. Rebekka Hartmann showed expressively her talent with her solo.

Five young men arrived form Saxony and with their pianist they filled everybody with enthusiasm. In two pieces the group "Vocal Five" expressed the longing for peace.

For the international aura the male choir from South Africa was responsible. Together with the orchestra they played among others the song "We shall live in peace" and with that they brought a swinging movement by a quite different rhythm. 

The second part of the conclusion of the day was under the topic "joy" to which was led gallantly by means of a Bible reading. "In dem Herren freuet euch" was only one of the songs which could be heard interactively from the approximately 40.000 voices and by that the attendees became not only audience but actors.

The presentation of the Organ symphony no. 3 of C. Saint-Saens was very impressive, when two pianists played together on the grand piano, in connection with an organ and the large orchestra.

The majestically musical version of the poem "Die Allmacht" (by J. Ladislaus Pyrker) made a brilliant end to the one-and-a-half-hour concert. 

Standing Ovations and long lasting applause showed the enthusiasm of the audience. Also when the Church leader of the New Apostolic Church International, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, went to the stage to say final words, everybody allowed themselves to be driven to a lasting applause. 

After the prayer the hymn of the International Church Convention "Singt ein Lied von Gott" was sung by all attendees and built the conclusion of the concert. 

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