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Jean-Luc Schneider unplugged – Podium discussion with the Chief Apostle

(07.06.2014) One of the climaxes of the International Church Convention (ICC) expected with tension and joy was the podium discussion on Saturday afternoon with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, the international leader of the Church.

It took place in the Olympiahalle which was filled with 12.000 people and transmitted into five more event locations in the Olympic Park. Also there: thousands of believers who didn’t want to miss the moment to see Jean-Luc Schneider live on the podium. They experienced a Chief Apostle who filled the audience with enthusiasm with his openness for all topics and with spontaneity.

Other New Apostolic discussion participants in the discussion were District Apostle Michael Ehrich (President of the New Apostolic Church South Germany and patron of the ICC), Monika Bleutgen (former deputy head teacher with far-reaching engagement in the church) and Professor Dr. Hans-Jörg Bullinger (scientist and president for many years of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft). Moderator Friederike Gottschalk led sovereignly through the discussion.

The Church Convention motto "For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you!”was related by her to the three sectors family, society and congregation; many topics were touched and discussed.

When discussing the sector family the Chief Apostle especially emphasized the exemplary function of the parents in the faith. Although it is not possible to do everything correctly as parents, it is all the important to keep the heart always open and to be ready for dialog with the children – especially in difficult times like the puberty.

As far as the topic mobbing is concerned District Apostle Ehrich underlined that everybody is demanded as a Christian to go and to stand on the side of the weak. The request for charity and mutual understanding was continuity during the podium discussion. Many answers have been fixed on it.

The Chief Apostle attached a certain importance to explain what is important for the Church and that current questions like women in the ministry, the humanitarian engagement of the Church etc. were discussed basically and in detail. So he clarified in detail for example, that the Church – except the theological consideration – has to take a global position to the homosexuality that pays regard to all cultural environment.

And he emphasized: It is not all about that the Church has to decide about sin or fault, but to take care as a primary purpose that everybody is loved and accepted. Church is primarily the community of the believers. His statement "We are the Church" got to the point and won thunderous applause.


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