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Young Choir South Germany: "This was Peak Performance"

(07.06.2014) While opening the door to Event-Arena Studio, 500 waiting people applaud. They push to get the best seats. After all chairs are occupied many people still want to come in. Security people need to close the doors. Couple dozen people must stay outside. A choir-member expresses: "This is really impressive."

The signs actually looked not good because at the same time of the Concert of Young Choir South Germany with the Motto: "Veni creator spiritus" (Come, Creator Spirit) Jean-Luc Schneider, Chief-Apostle and Church-Leader of the New Apostolic Church (NAC) were in a panel discussion, which was broadcast into many halls.  Nevertheless Frank Ellinger, Choir-Master of the Young Choir South Germany was optimistic before:" Obviously the planning people are confident that we will get an audience." He was right.

A small movement of his hand is the initiation and 50 young talented singer make heard there powerful voices.  "Veni creator spiritus, mentes tuorum visita" (Come, Creator Spirit, into us, visit the heart of your children) is the Gregorian Hymn from the 9th Century.  The choir-master positions himself at the edge of this ensemble. A nice gesture, saying:" Not I’m the center point but the call for Gods gifts".  Than he translates  the Italian text of the choral into German.

The text passage "Let the tongue burn, when we call Jesus" out of "Decorate the feast with Flowers" from Bernd-Juergen Kulick make clear: These young people, 17 to 35 years old, really burn for the music and  faith and start a fire in the hearts of the audience. The motet "Factus est repente" from William Byrd, holding words from Acts 2,2 points to the Pentecost happening. One Highpoint of the concert is: "The Spirit helps us in our weakness" (BWV 226), a cheerful looking motet from  Johann Sebastian Bach. "We don’t know what to pray" sings the Young Choir South Germany to express the help Christians need.

One of the last songs  sounds emotional: "Lord, please be merciful – For Evening blessings" from Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Frank Ellinger recites the text: "Fill us with your Spirit", and talks direct to the audience: "This is our wish for you and us for the coming Pentecost Sunday".

At the end the choir receives Standing Ovations and great applause. A lady says: "This was Peak Performance". This concert would have surely pleased Jean-Luc Schneider...


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