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Walking with Jesus

(07.06.2014) Jesus' miracles have left their mark not only in the former, but also in our latter times. Many miracles and healing acts of Jesus still fascinate and have sustainable value for us Christians. There was occasion and reason enough with the stage play "Walking with Jesus", to once again remind us of the miracles of Jesus.

The piece was performed by hearing impaired and hearing, chaired by Heike Riexinger, that through sign language and choir, presented various miracles from the life of Jesus. Whether Jesus made the blind see, changed water into wine, or the lame to walk, the people wanted to see Jesus and his wonders close up. But as much as Jesus also achieved and managed, there have been situations where he had to prove to the people again. Not everyone was clear that it was about their own salvation.

Their own self-confidence and belief in their own ability had, at that time led the disciples not to wake Jesus during the voyage on the sea. This only arose when the storm on the sea and the confidence in their own experience was lost and the disciples had to recognize that there can be only one person who could help them in their situation: Jesus Christ. Those who travel with Jesus, are indeed not protected from suffering and from shipwreck, but can always have the assurance that he can rely on him in difficult situations.

The celebration of the Last Supper was also very impressively staged, which is reminiscent of the greatest miracle that Jesus gave us: the forgiveness of sins. The clear and beautiful message of the play did not bypass the nearly 1,000 visitors at the ice rink. Jesus loves each of us, regardless of whom we are and where we come from.

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