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Workshop: "Fishing expedition" – remaining in God's web of love

(07.06.2014) On Saturday afternoon, Bishop Pascal Strobel, District Church of Hessen / Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland, explained to the 45 interested workshop participants / inside in the event area, with regards to the Christian mission in today's time that a dialogue of faith can be performed. The impetus for this workshop to be held in German and French with the contribution of Bärbel Meyer (church district of Trier), which already has encouraged numerous guests to attend church.

The name "fishing expedition" refers to the power of grace and love of God that is inherent in man. To make this possible, even Apostolic Christians should take responsibility, lead faith discussions and share their faith in this way. The speaker had in mind that this also has a lot of value for the confessor himself. It is important however that it is also discussed, if you have acted out of faith.

How this can be experienced in daily life and how this "fishing expedition" takes place, is provided by the speaker as a "policy statement" as follows:

  • Prayer
  • Seeking opportunities
  • Thematize faith and church
  • God alone can bring about faith

Confessing Apostolic Christians should especially listen to inner impulses and slowly and bit by bit, bring others closer to their own beliefs, according to the principle: "Before you say what you believe, tell me what you feel". So the goal of faith discussions, the hearts of other people, is to bring them closer to God.


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