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Animals run through the ice sports center - the children's musical "Action Ark"

(07.06.2014) stand in line in front of the ice sports center - that on Saturday, June 7 accommodated around 3,000 people - so as not to miss the musical "Action Ark". Many children, as well as many adults wanted to see the one-hour music piece and could be infected by the joy of the 30 performing children.

The initial question of the musical under the direction of Birgit Schwendtner-Schmitz was, “where does the rainbow come from”? Child friendly, but equally suitable for an older audience, this question was investigated and presented in a playful and musical way. The content was the story of Noah, a character from the Bible, who without great questions, did what God had commanded him, to build an ark for the coming flood. Although he was ridiculed by his neighbors and friends and declared insane, he remained steadfast and refused to be dissuaded from his work. He was ultimately, paid for this trust in God, for only Noah, his family and one pair of every animal species survived. 

The small and big singers and actors took the audience on a journey into a story from the past that was made impressive and authentic by self-designed stage sets and costumes. Right from the beginning the children's choir came on the stage arrayed in colorful rainbow colors and so summed up the initial question again.

Adolescents and adults represented Noah and his family, whose play was repeatedly interrupted by singing all actors. The cheerful songs were often reinforced with gestures and movements, thereby consciously underlined. Many "oohs" were heard as the children dressed as animals ran through the hall to the stage. Bunny, elephant, but also butterflies and monkeys were represented, plus matching animal noises made the whole experience great for all.

There was also a repeated sustained applause that for a short time prevented the performers from proceeding. Not only was the audience inspired by the joy and fun of the performers, but also the children themselves. Everywhere you looked, you could see only smiling faces. A highly successful music project, for and by, young and old, that was consistently enthusiastic and nice to look at and listen to. Not only the acting and the sets, but also the children's choir, very joyfully singing their songs, bore witness to genuine enthusiasm that spilled over from the beginning, to the audience.


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