Logo der NAK NAK Kirchentag 2014

(Nearly) the whole world in one tent

(07.06.2014) The Coubertinplatz of the Olympic Park cannot be recognized: A village of tents has been arisen. Lots of stands with a balanced palette of topics are attached to another. In the „allies“ you can find good tempered, relaxed faces from many countries on earth, which have been arrived to the first International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church. The district churches of the New Apostolic Church represent themselves and their activities. A colorful palette of different Topics can be found here:

„Break down walls, fill up ditches, build bridges“ sounds the profound motto of the district church Berlin Brandenburg. It’s written in all languages on the wall of the supported countries. Opposite a giant poster greets, the emblem of the town Berlin, while a friendly colorful bear with the ICC 2014 logo welcomes visitors with open arms.

Even though it is quite airless in the tents, no supplier can complain to missing interest. Proper congestion can be found at the Switzerland and Austria. No wonder: They invite to delicious local „Schmankerln“, like for example “Kaiserschmarrn” and refreshing drinks. A coupon can be found in the magazines of „YOU and ME“, which are placed there overall .

That there is a „Schlafmützentag“ in Finland, but the word for „please“ is missing in the language can be learned in the north-German tent. Country specific characteristics have been collected for each country which is supported by the district Northgermany.

Nearby at the Middle Germans, there’s loud applause and jubilation. It’s the birthday of the head of district church, district apostle Klingler. A serenade is brought to him, tent is completely crowded.

Enjoy kicker? The North Rhine-Westphalia arranges the possibility to meet nice people at an exciting contest. Book worms get their money’s worth: The „Zentralarchiv Köln“ is presented with a number read worthy old church literature. And who’s interested in learning how to make communions can sate his thirst of knowledge..

More exotic is the stand of the district church Southeast-Asia. Here you are welcomed with small delicacies while an Angklung-orchestra’s playing. The Angklung is an Asian music instrument which is made from bamboo. It creates a soft, warm sound of extra special harmony. The art of making Origami is a Japanese capability which can be also admired here - even nearby is  „Livelihood Philippines“, a female project of the church internal relief organization NACSEA. They are offering self-made greeting cards and scarfs, which are available for a little donation.

If there’s appeared a bit tiredness between all the offerings, you could relax a bit in the tent of Hessen/ Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland + France + Luxembourg which has been set up with relaxing couches. But for sleeping there’s no time: The „Kids4Africa“ are enticing. The children choir is touring in Germany with four benefit concerts for the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

But South Africa has not only to offer music. Their own stand amongst others informs about engagement of the New Apostolic Church within drugs-rehabilitation-programs.

„I am New Apostolic!“ sounds the title of the New Apostolic Church USA/Canada. It draws a picture about the congregational life in over sea and special activities of the church for example counseling program.

Refreshing scarfs are a good idea at this temperature. The South Germans thought about this. While you are lingering on the „Donaumoosweg“ between small water basins with reed and pass black turf you can find information about the awakening movement at 1820 in Bavaria. 

Finally you get to the ICC shop. If you want to take with a souvenir from the ICC 2014 you will certainly find something between rubber duckies, soap bubbles and key chains.


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