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On the stage only winners

(06.06.2014) The hearts of the audience at the International Church Convention (ICC) in the Eisstadion of the Olympic Park in Munich were really warmed: 16 pop and rock bands showed during the  Bischoff Media song contest "Show your talent" how  the songs of the New Apostolic faith can sound in a multi-faceted way.

Six young ladies from France marked the beginning: "Pour te Plaire" the soul-sounding number of the group "Free Gospel" was called. A rocking song was the contribution of Caro Wölz: assisted by contest-initiator Sigi Hänger she was on the stage with "Shout your fame".

"Everybody who was on the stage today is a winner." So Caro Wölz explained the playing rules of the contest:  the Bischoff publishing house had called young talents to submit their work in form of video clips. A four-headed jury selected the works according to style and coherence.  And then they worked with the musicians in the studios. The winner bonus for everyone: the performance in front of a full house at the ICC.

Ahead of every act there was a video clip in which the musicians presented themselves and their songs. "Everything has its time" Christian Stühn (20) called to the audience. His rhythmically advancing song culminated in the request to take the own life of faith in one’s hands. Even if one feels so lonely ever, with God nobody is ever alone. This was also concerned in the ballad of Nicolai Dörr "It is dark" assisted by a Cello. Nicolai Dörr accompanies himself at the piano.

Angelina Kalke dreamed of a "Peaceful World". "I believe" confessed the band "The P[a:]zzles". The song has let the two girls and boys at the age between 19 and 28 years grow together.

What do you invest your time on? Luc Packlidat asked this question in the silent "reason to live". He wrote the song for a friend to her confirmation.  
Finding the hope in the prayer to carry on. This was the matter of Cäthi & Thore in "I pray".

The problems get smaller for those who think about their faith. "Finja feat. Fabi and Katharina" give in "Schotter und Stein" new notes to this experience.  In "Where are you now?" "No Crows Surfing" describes the search for God and the moment when he is there, although nobody has expected that.

To make everybody think about the sense of life, is the wish of "Für uns" of Lian feat. Ricci. Fabienne Loy got her inspiration of the Psalms 25 and 27 for "You're my light". Being a qualified singer her ballad was one of the musical highlights of the concert.

Daniel Mechior and Max Kölcher sang about farewell and hope in "Ein letztes warmes Wort". Vocals were assisting Hannah Truckenmüller for "He is always by your side". With 15 years she was the youngest singer of the concert. And hardly a song got more applause in this evening.

Go the whole hog with God. So the message of "IITF" is called who presented a totally individual song with "Privilege". Alex Windisch had written a song about "Angel" for a child in hospital. When he became sincerely ill he rediscovered the song for himself.  

For those who want to hear the songs again or who could not come to the concert: the CD with all titles of the Bischoff Media song contest "Show your talent" can be ordered here. You can find more information on bm-songcontest.de

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