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ICC official opened

(06.06.2014) About 38.000 visitors started with La-Ola-waves, clapping and singing in the ranks and the parquet a great atmosphere at the first evening of the International Church Convention just before the opening celebration. Colorful started the "Entrance of the Nations" in the Olympiastadion. More than 100 young flag carrier ran in two groups a reverse victory lap through the stadium. Afterward 104 flags show up on the stage.

With video messages and live performance on stage the representatives of all Continents introduced the continents. The greetings of the church presidents from all over the world earned many applause or laugher. This showed that the New Apostolic Church around the globe supports faith and also many joy at music.

Dr. Elisabeth Dieckmann, general manager of "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen", expressed best wishes from "all in the ACK consolidated churches". Applause fired up, when she greeted the audience as "beloved sisters and brothers".

Dr. Christoph Hillenbrand, district president of Upper Bavaria, delivered greetings from Free State of Bavaria and praised the numerous collections of program events.

In between music representations of representatives of the Continents were given live on stage. Standing ovations were given for the song "Zulu Mama" of the Cape Town Male choir. Same were given for ca. 50 member Angklung-Orchestra from the District Church South-East-Asia. Frank Heinke presented his own composed song "All is one" on a Didgeridoo as greetings from Australia.

A traditional song "Let us sing with joyful voice" as American boogie were presented by the EJT-Big Band, known from Europe Youth day 2009. Europe was presented from the brass quintet of the young Philharmonic of District Church South Germany with "Prince of Denmark March", also known as "Eurovision-Melody".

"I’m very happy to celebrate this feast with you", stated Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider in a small talk. "I wish you many nice encounters." Sisters and brothers would experience many differences and many commonalities, which leads to more understanding for each other. He had also a personal wish: "Jean-Luc Schneider keeps a human being and a servant of God". Afterward Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, spiritual leader of the New Apostolic Church announced the official opening of the International Church Convention and prayed the opening prayer.

"God is here, God is here, he is indescribable close" is the refrain of the convention-song, which was expressed from ten-thousands of peoples. A feast of faith has started!


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