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Planned approach to voluntary women in the communities:

(06.06.2014) It was about untapped potential of women in the New Apostolic Church (NAC) and about 30 listeners were expected. In fact, around 1,500 people stormed into the Small Olympic Hall and filled the room until the last series. It was fuller here today than ever before. "That is indeed the right topic," a Marshall commented.  In addition to five volunteers in the NAC, a representative of the church leadership also participated in the panel discussion. Gert Opdenplatz, Apostle of the District Church of Hessen / Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland, called for a concept that church members with no official contract, be adequately appreciated. In the future the involvent would increasingly be on the use of all congregation members. "A growing, slave mentality 'no willingness to engage with their gifts, poses a danger to the survival of the communities," he warned. A naming before the congregation and a prayer of blessing at the end of the service could have some effect.

All panelists agreed that the voluntary work of women is indispensable in the community. “Without my women, nothing works ", said Volker Speidel, congregation leader, with a wink to his female members. For his work, he would welcome women with on pastoral visits. For her work, Corina Stolz wishes as a volunteer youth companion, an official blessing. "Then I know God has equipped me for this job," she said. Elke Krauss illustrated the role of women in pastoral, from her own experience. After living through a miscarriage, she had received a visit from the male pastor. "That was all well and good, but a visit to a sister of the community was of indescribable quality," she said.

"Particularly, the use of women will lead to an enrichment of the conceptual approaches," Opdenplatz said. He called on the District Apostles and Apostles for assistance on: "I hope that the wishes are not dismissed as “emancipated chatter”, but rather taken seriously". Jean-Luc Schneider, Chief Apostle and church leader of the NAC, is very involved with this issue. "A standard will be reached" said Opdenplatz.


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