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Cast your net of love! – Children learn the parable of the fishing

(06.06.2014) "Was anybody of you fishing before?" "Who has thrown such a gigantic fishing net into the water before?" – Hundreds of arms of children can be placed in the height in the ice sport training hall of the Olympic Hall. No wonder because District Apostle Rüdiger Krause, President of the New Apostolic Church of North Germany has shown at an evening devotional to about 800 children in a sensitive and child-orientated way what Jesus wanted to say the people with the parable of the fishing.

"In turn the Kingdom of Heaven is like a net which is thrown into the sea and catches fish of every kind." So Jesus paraphrased the Kingdom of Heaven in a parable. The children understood very fast that "fishing" has another meaning with Jesus than with the people. The fishing net is a picture of the love. "And God casts this net of love over us", explained Krause to the children who were attentively listening.

Krause especially stressed that the net of love catches quite different fish, "Sharks, eels, salmon, whales, plaices and trout". So it doesn’t matter in the transmitted meaning that the people are different because the net of love embraces all of them. "In the same way we are different, we may be different to the Lord. Isn’t this wonderful?" he asked the children, and many of them nodded in agreement.

At the end Krause asked the children to cast their net of love: "Especially over those who are on the edge. Take them into the midst, then you can be a little bit fishers!"

Before the devotional Krause said during an interview, that the parents should not be astonished if their children were excited after the devotional. "Then that is a beautiful sign that they think about the parable! "


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