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Help, I‘m feeling myself as a foreigner– a play show a divine service out of the view of a guest

(06.06.2014) How does an interested visitor feel a divine service in the New Apostolic Church? More than 800 participants of the International Church Convention wanted to change the perspective and visited on Friday, June 6th the play “Help, I‘m feeling myself as a foreigner”, presented in the Eissporttrainingshalle.

In this play, presented by 15 amateur actors from the church district Lörrach, a dozen events out of a Sunday divine service of a local congregation were shown. To show the personal impact the main actress talked about her thoughts after every scene.

„Why is the greeting with hand shaking? Since when is there an access control? What does this man want to know from me?  With this re-action of the personal greeting in the main entrance of the church the visitor put the finger on the pulse of the audience. It looks like some guests at the church entrance are greeted too intensive. They might want to get an overview only.

Other funny situations were presented that while the divine service takes place, the church entrance is locked or the members are calling laud: “Amen”.

In the following scenes all liturgy procedures and personal behaviors were commented. Overall the audience’ were impressed by the change to the visitors perspective. This was recognized with discussions in the audience right after a scene. Many thought focused on the question how visitors in the home congregation can receive a positive experience. With this the play was a great impulse to start a discussion in the local congregation.


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