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Finally, ICC - Variety of Exhibitions

(06.06.2014) - After months of planning and preparation it has finally begun! Since Friday morning June 6, 2014 10 p.m., the exhibitions at the Munich Olympic Park at the First International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church, has been opened. In addition to the numerous exhibitions in the outdoor area, the remarkable circular tour of the Olympic Hall is well worth it.

My Church
Situated directly at the West entrance, the heart of ICT "My church", is presented.  Representatives of the church leadership of all district churches participating in the Church, are personally there to  answer questions on topics related to faith teaching, public relations, ecumenical, church building  and much more. "When you want to read the New Apostolic Creed in different languages" for example, says Apostle Jens Korbien from the District Church of Saxony-Anhalt to the visitors and Bishop Peter Johanning, church spokesman of the New Apostolic Church International commented on contemporary public relations with the words, "We are part of the public"! The latest variations in the church can be seen: In the children's service in the mobile trailer. There, with enthusiasm, the kids build their idea of a church building made of Lego bricks.

Humanitarian Aid
Right next door is lovingly handmade Africa cloth bags. As part of a joint service project, the NAK-charitable, the missionary work of the New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany and NAK Humanitas, women in Burkina Faso provide training and as a first task, purchased the cloth bag for the ICC.

A bookstore in the ICT
The church owned Verlag Friedrich Bischoff, is represented (Frankfurt am Main), featuring an interface designed specifically for the ICC bookstore. The complete range of around 550 different items can be locally selected. A reading corner and the music bar invite you to linger. The first e-books, many new releases and special ICC prices, make visitors curious. Four scanner checkouts facilitate the smooth operation of card payments.

"All inclusive"
With this motto, the Rainbow-NAC stand is encouraged that everyone will have a space in the New Apostolic Church, regardless of their sexual orientation or their sexual sense of belonging. Sensible advice and event offerings create an understanding in the family and community.
The NAK Business Forum, the forum for business owners and executives and the Forum Fasanenhof, as before, also provides a stand.
Contacts at community level can be met, thru the action "My church in a shoebox" or in person in the singles market and become associated with "Do not Walk Alone Meet Friends”.
The origin of the Church Congress participants can be seen on a wall in the form of a globe, while in the vicinity, personal church day feedback can be pinned.
With the phrase "It pleases God" and many white balloons, the more than five years old social network of the New Apostolic Church NAC World, invites one for a visit. At the beginning of the Church Congress 36 375 members were currently registered with NAC World.

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