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ICC!Live is on the starting line

(05.06.2014) The preparations are completed: the ICC flags are blowing in the wind, the stands of the District Churches are built, the sound check at the Olympic Stadium took place and the weather is great! Now all contributors, the volunteers from all sectors and the exhibitors are waiting very eagerly for the most important: the participants!
Also the editorial room of the ICC website editing in the Olympic Hall is installed and many voluntary text writers, photographers, filmmakers, translators are ready and waiting to report live from the ICC several times a day; of course in our new column „ICC!Live“.  
With its huge selection of interesting events on the ICC it was not easy to make a choice of which events will be reported. However, we had to limit ourselves in our choice to a few events to provide an insight into the ICC. Of course you get up-to-date information, photos, videos and impressions of the participants also via twitter, facebook and NACworld.   

NACworld makes a special offer for those who cannot participate in the ICC. A total of five events are transmitted live in the social network from the Olympic Hall – above them the lecture „Biotechnology and thoughts of our church” and the panel discussion ”One year Catechism of the NAC – what is its impact on the ecumenical dialogue”. You will find more information about that on nacworld.net.

An insight into the last day of preparation in the Olympic Park of today is given by a first short ICC video. Many thanks to Nils Paland and Marc Dibowski.

We wish you a pleasant journey to Munich and look forward to you!

PS: Please do not forget your protection against the sun, already today it was a hot day and it will be even warmer….

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