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Parking at the International Church Convention

Parking spaces on the "parking harp" on the west side of the Olympic Park are primarily available for coaches bringing groups of participants to the Olympic Park, the event grounds of the International Church Convention (ICC), and for persons with handicaps.

Persons with handicaps with an aG or Bl symbol in their disabled person's pass can use the spaces on the "parking harp" free of charge. Spaces in parking bay P1 will be kept free for persons with handicaps. From there it is possible to reach the Event Arena over level access and to the barrier-free entrance to the Olympic Stadium, the "Kleines Marathontor" (small marathon gate). You can find information on how to get around the event grounds barrier-free in the section Accessibility.

Registered coaches will find spaces on the "parking harp" starting at parking bay P2 (fee: 20 Euros per day / to be paid when entering). Do you want to register one or more coaches for the ICC?

Further spaces on the "parking harp" can be used by cars. The parking fee is 5 Euros per day. If you wish to use the "parking harp" as a parking space for your camper, the fee is 20 Euros per day. Further possibilities for parking on the event grounds are the parking level at the Olympic Tower and on the car park by the Ice Rink Centre (fee: 12 Euros per day).

Since the parking spaces on the "parking harp" and the further parking facilities will not be sufficient for all visitors to the Church Convention, we recommend that you use public transport to travel to the Olympic Park. Information on travelling with public transport can be found here.



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