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Videos of the ICC

Videos of the ICC can be seen here 

Congregational singing and 100 years of history

(31.07.2014) The lecture area in the Ice Rink Training Hall with a capacity of 800 persons is well filled as Mathias Eberle, first chairman of the Apostolic History Network, steps onto the stage. It is one o'clock on Friday afternoon, and the events of the multi-faceted Church Convention program have just begun. READ MORE

The stand "Accompaniment during mourning" at the International Church Convention - an exhibitor's report

(09.07.2014) A definitely lively presentation could be found at the 30 square meter information stand "Accompaniment during mourning" in the marquee next to the Werner-von-Linde Hall. READ MORE

Great mood in the concert of the male choir of South Africa

(07.07.2014) The male choir of South Africa filled the audience with enthusiasm by a mixture of gospels, church music and folk music in the concert in the Olympiahalle on Saturday, June 7. TO THE PHOTO SERIES

One year Catechism of the NAC – the podium discussion

(30.06.2014) About the subject "One year NAC Catechism – what are the impacts of its publication on the ecumenical dialogue?" Dr. theol. Reinhard Hempelmann  (Director of the Evangelische Zentralstelle für Weltanschauungsfragen, Berlin), Apostle Volker Kühnle (Chairman of the working group "Contacts with other denominations and religions“, Nürtingen), Dr. theol. Burkhard Neumann (Director at the Johann-Adam-Möhler-Institute, Paderborn), Prof. Dr. theol. Helmut Obst (Prof. em. Martin-Luther-University, Halle) and Dr. Maria Stetter (Director of the Council of Christian Churches in Bavaria, Munich) discussed in a podium discussion in the Olympiahalle on Saturday, June 7, 2014. The discussion was moderated by Bishop Peter Johanning (Church speaker of NAC international, Bielefeld). TO THE PHOTO SERIES

The performance of the “David oratorio”

(23.06.2014) On Friday, June 6, 2014, the pop oratorio „David“ was performed in the Olympiahalle under the musical direction of David Helmeke with 120 singers of every age group from nine church districts of the three District Churches of Central Germany, an ensemble with 40 orchestra members as well as soloists and speakers. TO THE PHOTO SERIES

The Biker's meeting point at the ICC

(19.06.2014) It all began in May 2001 with an advertisement in the magazine "Our Family". Siegfried Pfeiffer had submitted it. "Motorcycle friends wanted for excursions ..." was advertised. 40 people turned up for the first meeting in Lochgau (at Besigheim). Since then, they regularly meet... READ MORE

Endless creativity: the ICC scarf

(10.06.2014) For what a scarf can be used at the height of summer… TO THE PHOTO SERIES

"This was a hot church convention – in every aspect" – The bulletin profile

(08.06.2014) In the round of the Olympiahalle a big bulletin board was placed. There impressions, wishes and critic to the International Church Convention (ICC) could be comprised. The need was that much that the responsibles had to take away again and again pins to enable other participants to take also part. The feedback has been grown to a stately pack with interesting, revealing and contemplative inputs. READ MORE

"In your name" - a worship of fireworks at the end of the Church Convention

(08.06.2014) The Gospel Project rocked the Olympic Hall. The mood cannot be otherwise described in the final concert of the first International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church on Pentecost Sunday afternoon. Already during the last sound check earlier, the concert spilled La-Ola-waves through the fully occupied Olympiahalle. READ MORE

A choir practice of another manner…

(08.06.2014) Already long before the official start of the item of the program „Sing-along for everyone“ the people poured into the Olympiahalle. A few certainly went there because they were searching for more pleasant temperatures – there were above 30 ° degrees Celsius outside - however, the largest part came in a joyful expectation of the „Sing-along for everyone“, which should have started at 2 pm. READ MORE

Hot Chill-out at the Theatron

(08.06.2014) The name of this event could lead one to think of a cool finale, but the temperature was too high. The sun burned down on the audience of the Theatron and also Frithjof Tomusch at the Keyboard and his four Band members had a hard job to impress the audience. READ MORE

„It is more blessed to give than to receive“ – service of Pentecost as highlight of the church convention

(08.06.2014) the sun is standing high in the sky when Jean-Luc Schneider, the head of the New Apostolic Church (NAC), starts the feast of Pentecost at 10 a.m.in the well-staffed Munich Olympiastadion. About 47.000 participants brave the heat with straw hats, scarfs and other headdresses. READ MORE

Concert for the feast of Pentecost on high musical level

(07.06.2014) After an eventful day the concert on Saturday evening built a sentimental conclusion and at the same time everybody got in the right mood for the Pentecost service on Sunday. An audience of about 40.000 people arrived already some time before the beginning in the historic Olympiastadion of Munich at a radiant sunshine. READ MORE

Tölz Boys‘ Choir fills the ICC visitors with enthusiasm

(07.06.2014) The Tölz Boys‘ Choir belongs to the most disciplined and moreover most talented boy’s choirs; they could show this impressively at the International Church Convention (ICC) in Munich.  More than 375 visitors crowded in the Event Arena Studio on the Olympic Park when it was said: Rise the curtain for the world-famous Tölz Boys‘ Choir. READ MORE

Pastoral care can help –also for the Psychologist!

(07.06.2014) Many visitors were interested in the theme of the Podium discussion „Psychotherapy and Faith – an area of conflict“, and come on Saturday to the Kleinen Olympiahalle. More than one District Churches worked together and came to the conclusion, both can be combined and also complement each other. READ MORE

Pater Anselm Grün: „The kingdom of God is within us and around us“

(07.06.2014) The heat shimmered in this afternoon. While the grass was sizzling away outside, it was pleasantly still cool in the Olympiahalle. The round was completely filled. Everybody seemed to wait interested and tensely for the lecture at 4.45 pm: „The kingdom of God is within us and around us”. READ MORE

Jean-Luc Schneider unplugged – Podium discussion with the Chief Apostle

(07.06.2014) One of the climaxes of the ICC expected with tension and joy was the podium discussion on Saturday afternoon with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, the international leader of the Church. It took place in the Olympiahalle which was filled with 12.000 people. READ MORE

Young Choir South Germany: "This was Peak Performance"

(07.06.2014) While opening the door to Event-Arena Studio, 500 waiting people applaud. They push to get the best seats. After all chairs are occupied many people still want to come in. Security people need to close the doors. Couple dozen people must stay outside. A choir-member expresses: "This is really impressive." READE MORE

Walking with Jesus

(07.06.2014) Jesus' miracles have left their mark not only in the former, but also in our latter times. Many miracles and healing acts of Jesus still fascinate and have sustainable value for us Christians. There was occasion and reason enough with the stage play "Walking with Jesus", to once again remind us of the miracles of Jesus. READ MORE

Workshop: "Fishing expedition" – remaining in God's web of love

(07.06.2014) On Saturday afternoon, Bishop Pascal Strobel, District Church of Hessen / Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland, explained to the 45 interested workshop participants / inside in the event area, with regards to the Christian mission in today's time that a dialogue of faith can be performed. READ MORE

Animals run through the ice sports center - the children's musical "Action Ark"

(07.06.2014) stand in line in front of the ice sports center - that on Saturday, June 7 accommodated around 3,000 people - so as not to miss the musical "Action Ark". Many children, as well as many adults wanted to see the one-hour music piece and could be infected by the joy of the 30 performing children. READ MORE

(Nearly) the whole world in one tent

(07.06.2014) The Coubertinplatz of the Olympia grounds cannot be recognized: A village of tents has been arisen. Lots of stands with a balanced palette of topics are attached to another.  In the „allies“ you can find good tempered, relaxed faces from many countries on earth, which have been arrived to the first International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church. READ MORE

Moments of faith in the morning

(07.06.2014) the chamber choir of Wilhelmshaven arranged a reflective moment in the morning. The performance under the header „moments of faith 2“ was one of several starting points into the second day to the International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church in Munich. READ MORE

New Apostolic Baptismal and understanding of the Church in Transition

(07.06.2014) Who are the children of God? This question was discussed with around 200 interested listeners, by the Speaker Peter Münch. He is a member of the "Apostolic History eV Network", established since 2008, studied Protestant theology and is currently working as a secondary school teacher.

ICC official opened

(06.06.2014) More than 25.000 Visitors started with La-Ola-waves, clapping and singing in the ranks and the parquet a great atmosphere at the first evening of the International Church Convention just before the opening celebration. Colorful started the "Entrance of the Nations" in the Olympiastadion. READ MORE

Cast your net of love! – Children learn the parable of the fishing

(06.06.2014) "Was anybody of you fishing before?" "Who has thrown such a gigantic fishing net into the water before?" – Hundreds of arms of children can be placed in the height in the ice sport training hall of the Olympic Hall. READ MORE

Approaches to the Gospel – a workshop in English

(06.06.2014) „What does the Gospel mean for you?“ – with this key question the workshop in English „What does Gospel mean again?“-Approaches to the Gospel in the year of confession started after a short common prayer conducted by Jörg Schmid and Tobias Sprenger. READ MORE

On the stage only winners

(06.06.2014) The hearts of the audience at the International Church Convention  in the Eisstadion of the Olympic Park in Munich were really warmed: 16 pop and rock bands showed during the  Bischoff Media song contest "Show your talent" how  the songs of the New Apostolic faith can sound in a multi-faceted way. READ MORE

Planned approach to voluntary women in the communities:

(06.06.2014) It was about untapped potential of women in the New Apostolic Church (NAC) and about 30 listeners were expected. In fact, around 1,500 people stormed into the Small Olympic Hall and filled the room until the last series. READ MORE

Help, I‘m feeling myself as a foreigner– a play show a divine service out of the view of a guest

(06.06.2014) How does an interested visitor feel a divine service in the New Apostolic Church? More than 800 participants of the International Church Convention wanted to change the perspective and visited on Friday, June 6th the play “Help, I‘m feeling myself as a foreigner”, presented in the Eissporttrainingshalle. READ MORE

Where are the limits of the biomedicine?

(06.06.2014) The presentation „Biotechnology and the thoughts of our church“given on Friday afternoon was assigned to an exciting but complex theme. Martin Wabitsch, Children- and Youth- physician and scientist at University Ulm, first gave an overview of possible procedures in the biomedicine of today, to the participants in the Olympia Hall.   READ MORE

Paths to Inclusion in community and church

(06.06.2014) The speaker, Moni Frobel, has been working with children and young people with physical and learning disabilities for the last 30 years. She is also active in a field committee for people with disabilities. The developed concept, which she introduced in her presentation, should serve to unify the various approaches in this work.  READ MORE

Finally, ICC - Variety of Exhibitions

(06.06.2014) - After months of planning and preparation it has finally begun! Since Friday morning June 6, 2014 10 p.m., the exhibitions at the Munich Olympic Park at the First International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church, has been opened. READ MORE

ICC!Live is on the starting line

(05.06.2014) The preparations are completed: the ICC flags are blowing in the wind, the stands of the District Churches are built, the sound check at the Olympic Stadium took place and the weather is great! Now all contributors, the volunteers from all sectors and the exhibitors are waiting very eagerly for the most important: the participants! READ MORE

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