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Welcome-packages delivered – bracelet, guide and scarf for all participants

(30.04.2014) At last – the welcome-packages for the Church Convention are delivered! In some weeks the first International Church Convention (ICC) in Munich takes place and all, who already ordered tickets receive there welcome-packages within the upcoming days.

The local representatives, who prepared the ticket ordering for the local congregations, receive the collective packages for all participants in the local congregation within the next days and are asked to distribute them to the participants.

Every ICC-participant receives his “personal“ welcome-package, which contains the ICC bracelet as access authority to all events, the program book („ICC-Guide“) holding the complete Convention Program and the ICC-Scarf as welcome gift.

The ICC bracelet authorizes to access to all event-buildings and need to be carried at the wrist well seen at all times of validation; please accept that no-nhow of the bracelet lead to no-entry to the Convention due to security regulations. One-time adjust to the width will fix this size and can’t be changed in width any more. The different colours of the bracelet define the ticket validation: 1-day-ticket for friday (green bracelet), 1-day-ticket for saturday (orange bracelet), 2-days-ticket for friday and saturday (blue bracelet).


Willkommen! Welcome! Bienvenue!

(24.04.2014) Guests from all over the globe are expected at the International Church Convention (ICC). The demands in the field of interpreting are correspondingly great if the versatile programme is to be made linguistically accessible to all visitors.

A specially selected team of interpreters will be in action at three parallel locations for more than sixteen hours each on Friday and Saturday: all events in the Olympic Hall, in the Small Olympic Hall, and on the upper floor of the Event Arena will be interpreted simultaneously from German into English and French. And also the opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium on Friday evening and the concert on Saturday evening. Working in shifts is necessary, for every interpreter needs a break after about an hour.

The divine service on Sunday morning will be interpreted consecutively (sentence by sentence) into English directly at the altar. A simultaneous interpretation will be made into Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, French, Georgian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. This task will be handled by the team of interpreters in Frankfurt who are always called into action for the audio-visual transmission of services. Some of these languages will then be directly transmitted by cable from Frankfurt to Munich and can be received by the foreign-language ICC visitors on cordless headphones.

Cordless headphones for all translations can be hired at the event locations for a deposit of 20 Euros. The divine service and many events will of course also be translated into sign language. An appropriate overview will be provided on the ICC website from the beginning of May and additional flyers during the ICC.

For seniors : a joyful feast without limitations

(17.04.2014) Long distances at the ICC? Far from it! The organizers of the International Church Convention (ICC) have done everything to ensure that all age groups can celebrate a joyful feast in the Olympic Park. In a discussion with the event management, the ICC editorial staff experienced how guests who are a little restricted or wish to take it somewhat easier can still be right in the middle.
Many seniors have difficulties walking, and even a small staircase can be a great hindrance.

Why should they nevertheless come along?
For two good reasons. Firstly: We have provided a free shuttle service with three different lines in the Olympic Park which shall run either every 10 minutes or every 20 minutes and bring guests to the event locations. Secondly: all event locations are fundamentally barrier-free, in other words accessible without staircases.

Does this also apply to the huge Olympic Stadium and the divine service on Sunday morning?
Most definitely. People with reduced mobility will find sufficient space in the arena, the flat area of the stadium. The arena is accessible without problem via the "Kleine Marathontor" (small marathon gate). Furthermore, administration of Holy Communion has been organized such that the maximum walking distance for all participants is fifty meters.

And what if I need a hearing aid?
Unfortunately, hearing aids or headphones for hearing-impaired ICC visitors cannot be provided. An audio induction loop system, as you may already be acquainted with from services in your congregation, is not available either. Therefore please do not bring such hearing aids along. But don't worry: the public address system is designed for maximum speech intelligibility and good rendering of music. God hearing should therefore not be a problem.

What about wheeled walkers?

Whoever requires a wheeled walker should bring their own one with them. Stewards (wearing blue waistcoats) will provide help for parking of wheeled walkers during an event. A limited number of wheeled walkers and wheelchairs can be hired in the Service Centre of the Olympic Hall BusinessArea following a deposit of 20 Euros.

Where can I have a rest if I need to have a break?
The stadium terrace provides lots of seats for taking a rest, is roofed over and shady. Further seating is available in the numerous restaurants and catering areas. In addition, two relaxation zones are available for all ICC participants: in the marquee on the gravel square at the Small Olympic Hall and on the ground floor of the Event Arena. There are additional relaxation areas for persons with handicaps in the Service Centre in the Olympic Hall BusinessArea and in the Service Centre in the Werner-von-Linde Hall. These areas are even equipped with beds.




Will I always be able to find a helping hand?
Most certainly. NAC helpers (in yellow waistcoats) and paramedics (in orange waistcoats) will be present all over the event grounds and will be pleased to help you if you have problems or questions. The ICC Guide provides comprehensive information on all topics, as well as many further tips. Therefore our recommendation: find time already at home to read the ICC Guide.

Many thanks for the interview!

Evening concert for Pentecost

(17.04.2014) Experiencing a concert together under Munich's evening sky – this will be one of the highlights at the International Church Convention over the Pentecost weekend 2014 in Munich's Olympic Park. A versatile program where there will be something for everyone will be presented under the motto "The kingdom of God is peace and joy in the Holy Spirit". An audience of more than 50,000 can look forward to compositions and works appropriate to the two great topics of peace and joy. Performers in the evening concert included the "Vocal Five" group from Saxony, a male choir from South Africa, and the "Young Philharmonic Orchestra South Germany", but the program also includes hymns for singing together as well as readings.

The evening concert at 8 p.m. on Saturday June 7, 2014, can serve as a warm-up for the Pentecost service to be held by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, the highest spiritual leader in the New Apostolic Church, on the following day – Pentecost Sunday – also in the Olympic Stadium. the concert therefore represents a transition from the experiences of the Church Convention to the Pentecost service. The wonderful backdrop at this history-charged location will most certainly generate a wonderful and special atmosphere which no one should miss. Everyone wishing to be part of this concert is most sincerely invited!

Youth activities for everyone!

(17.04.2014) "Somehow they are all older than me" or "Slowly I belong to the scrap heap" are typical thought patterns of the youth which, according to the definition of the New Apostolic Church, covers the age group from 14 to about 30. Many of our young Brothers and Sisters therefore feel that they do not belong to the youth. Perhaps this is the wrong approach: isn't it not so much the age but rather the offers which allow such thoughts to arise? As a result of the large age band many youth are either overtaxed or unchallenged and for many youth the appeal of Church activities diminishes. In order to stop this trend, visitors to the Church Convention will be allowed to let their creativity run free in the two-hour workshop "Too old for the youth – too young for the seniors. What makes Church attractive for young adults between 20 and 35?" The principle applies: The worm has to taste good to the fish, not the fisherman. With this in mind the participants will work together with Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten from North Rhine-Westphalia to find and discuss suitable activities and discuss what constitutes an attractive configuration. All participants should be motivated to contemplate the situation of youth activities and openly discuss the possibilities.

When and where?
Friday, June 6, 8 p.m., and Saturday, June 7, 2014, 11:30 a.m. (Event-Arena GF)

Have you a question for the Chief Apostle?

(10.04.2014) In the radio broadcast of the New Apostolic Church South Germany on the station "Bayern 2" on April 6, 2014, the International Church Convention (ICC) was again one of the topics. This time it was about the motto of the ICC and the BM song contest which will be finalized during the ICC.

In addition, it was announced that questions can be submitted to be answered by the spiritual leader of the New Apostolic Church International, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. A selection of the submitted questions will be addressed to the Chief Apostle by the radio broadcasting team during the ICC.

These questions together with the answers can subsequently be heard in one of the radio broadcasts on the station "Bayern 2" following the Church Convention. Furthermore, they can be called following the official broadcast date on the Internet site of the South Germany District Church as well as on this Internet site.

Do you have a question for the Chief Apostle? What did you always want to know from him? Please send your questions by e-mail or via the contact form on this page.

You can listen to and download the complete radio broadcast here from April 6, 2014, onwards.

Utilize yesterday today for tomorrow!

(10.04.2014) What happens when no one remembers anymore??? This question is placed by the Netzwerk Apostolische Geschichte e.V. (Network Apostolic History) during the first International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church in the Olympic Park in Munich over the Pentecost weekend. Come in and experience in four rooms in the Werner-von Linde-Halle different historical epochs – ranging from the Catholic Apostolic congregations up to the present time – with all senses! This is the meeting point for young and old to place questions, communicate with each another, refresh memories, and thus fill the association's motto with life: Experiencing history together

Founded in 2008 as an independent and interdenominational interest group for researching the history of the apostolic religious communities, the non-profit association has been supervising various projects and events in the German-speaking world for a number of years already. The first apostolic Internet lexicon, the APWiki (www.apwiki.de), has received great awareness and about 6,000 articles are now called up daily. And a visit to the stand at the ICC is also worthwhile – for all age groups. The stand is open on Friday June 6, 2014, and on Saturday June 7, 2014, in each case from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and on Sunday June 8, 2014, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. You are sincerely welcome!

“My church in a box”

(10.04.2014) It can already be felt here and there: Church Convention atmosphere is already wafting through those congregations which have registered for the ICC action “My church in a box”. In anticipation of meeting members from other congregations, joint discussions and deliberations are being carried out there – with the result that crafting, texting, singing and photographing are being carried out based on the members’ capabilities. With good reason: ultimately the action will open up new connections to other congregations and also offer new contacts for those members who cannot attend the Church Convention. As of late, registration is possible on the Internet site of this action. New congregations are registering almost daily.

The idea is simple: every congregation from which someone participates in the Church Convention may fill a shoebox with things representative or symbolic for their congregation. The boxes will be collected and exhibited like in a library to allow you to marvel, browse and discover them at the stand in the Olympiahalle orbital. In a figurative sense, these boxes represent something like the rooms and apartments of the many Brothers and Sisters who permit God’s kingdom to become reality through their faith. The Church Convention motto “For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” will be felt and experienced when observing the boxes.

All congregations which bring a box along to the Church Convention will be permitted to select another box and take it back to their home congregation. Following investigation of the contents, the congregations can make contact with each other. Whether the members in the congregations visit or write to each other, whether the youth or seniors organize get-togethers, is completely up to those now possessing a new congregation box. It would be lovely if many interesting encounters and emotions were to result.

Interested congregations can still register for this action up to the end of May. All information and details can be found at the website. One can also see there which congregations have already registered for the action. The ICC will permit all active congregations to experience memorable encounters, new impulses, and the refreshing and invigorating Church Convention atmosphere – already long before it starts.

More than 250 events on three days

(04.04.2014) For months already, program items have been collected, evaluated, assigned to halls, marquees, stages and rooms, event times puzzled out, contributors have been consulted, and program plans prepared. And finally it is complete: the program for the International Church Convention (ICC) in the Olympic Park in Munich from June 6 to 8, 2014.

The program comprises a total of 250 individual events (some of which will be repeated) consisting of lectures, workshops, panel discussions, music, and many further contributions from the following topic fields: reflection/rest, topical questions, congregation life, history, society/environment, faith, information, mission, participating/creating, music/entertainment, ecumenism/religion, soul-care, and social concerns/living with handicaps.

An overview of the complete program is provided by the 304-page ICC Guide. This is divided into several sections: on the one hand, sorted according to the starting times of the events with detailed information, and on the other hand as tabular sections sorted according to event location and topic, thus enabling excellent orientation.

Following the collection of material, the graphic design, and translations into English and French, three proofreading cycles were carried out before the Guide was approved for printing. It is currently being produced by a printing company in Cologne/Germany. It is already available in electronic form under the heading Program.

“Of course a great deal of detailed work and concentration was necessary until the Guide was ready, but we had a highly committed team which truly threw itself into the job – I am pleased that the Guide can soon be handed over to the participants”, says Helmut Polzin, member of the ICC planning group and head of the project “ICC Guide”.

The printed version of the Guide will be distributed to all participants who have already registered for the ICC via their Church congregation, per telephone or online at the beginning of May together with the welcome package. In addition to the Guide, the welcome package includes the ICC bracelet as access pass to all events as well as a greeting present.

It will certainly be worthwhile if you intensively occupy yourself with the program in advance. The large number of events means that you need time to read through everything and to decide on which events you wish to visit. The ICC editorial staff have already sifted through the Guide and can give you a number of program tips; these are published under the heading Program and will be extended bit by bit.

The contents of the ICC Guide are now being prepared for the ICC App which should already be available for downloading in April.

“Conception of the world and God undergoing change”

(03.04.2014) Science and technology intensively affect our life and have a lasting effect – also in our life of faith. Whereas one previously explained many phenomena in nature or world affairs as the will of God, modern scientific knowledge now provides other explanations.

What was a social taboo just a few years ago is now openly discussed. The rapidly thrown down word “The world has become smaller” is now no longer true in many fields – the world has not only become larger as a result of modern means of transport and the available financial means, but larger worlds have also been accessed in the fields of knowledge and experience.

A lecture with the graduate chemist Dr. Armin Hoffmann, which will be part of the event program of the International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church, will provide answers to the questions: What influence does this process have on our concept of God? Does this result in consequences for our actions?

When and where?
Friday, June 6, 2014, 1.30 p.m. (Olympiahalle)

Taizé songs, readings and intercessions

(02.04.2014) The “Communauté de Taizé” is an ecumenical monastic order which was already founded in 1940 under the impression of the holocaust in the Second World War in the French city with the same name in the Département Saòne-Loire. Since about 1949, ecumenical youth groups from all corners of the globe have regularly gathered there to find peace within themselves through devotion, songs and intercessions and to consequently reach a peaceful and tolerant togetherness.

At the International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church, which will take place in the Olympic Park in Munich from June 6 to 8, 2014, this peace should be experienced in a time for silence and reflection, with the very peaceful repeated songs, with Bible readings, and with intercessions.

The event will be carried out in numerous languages: at least German, English, French and Spanish – but gladly also in further languages of the attendees. A sincere welcome!

When and where?
Friday, June 6, 2014, 8 p.m. (Event-Arena Chill-out room 2)
Saturday, June 7, 2014, midday (Marquee at gravel square Kleine Olympiahalle)

When the speech must be good...

(01.04.2014) You know the situation: You master the topic of your lecture better than anyone in the audience, you have prepared yourself perfectly, perhaps you have also supplemented your lecture with visual aids – and nevertheless: you already feel after just a few words, "I'm not coming across". Your toast at a wedding, the presentation at the sales force meeting, a few words at the parents' meeting at school, or the attempt to inspire the choir members for an excursion...

A lecture by the communication trainer Oliver Groß will be part of the event program of the International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church and will show vividly, practice-oriented yet with a small twinkle in the eye how you can implement your personal elocution even better, how you can calmly cope with stage fright while remaining authentic, and how you can convincingly win people round.

When and where?
Saturday, June 7, 2014, 5.45 p.m. (Event-Arena FF)