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Information for the „ambassadors of the ICC“

(15.10.2013) For all ICC-responsible persons in the congregations of the District Church Hessen/Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland which is led by District Apostle Bernd Koberstein, Bishop Axel Münster conducted an information meeting on three evenings end of September and beginning of October. One could recognize the great interest in the information round about the Church Convention when looking at the number of participants of the events which – despite partly long journey ways – was surprisingly high.
The locations were chosen so that the ICC-responsible persons in the congregations could come together from all three apostle areas of the District Church: on Monday, 30 September 2013, in Lauterbach for the apostle area of Apostle Jens Lindemann (apostle area of the south), on Tuesday, 1 October 2013, in Kaiserslautern for the apostle area of Apostle Clément Haeck (apostle area of the west), to which the congregations in Luxemburg and Belgium belong, and on Friday,  4 October 2013, in Wiesbaden for the apostle area of Apostle Gert Opdenplatz (apostle area of the west).

Bishop Axel Münster, ICC-representative of the District Church Hessen/Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland, introduced himself for the responsible persons in the congregations of the District Church as a contact person in this evening and informed them about the program and the order handling of the tickets for the International Church Convention. A presentation which had been provided to all District Church representatives during the meeting with the planning group of the Church Convention in the middle of September 2013 gave the most important information and aroused the anticipation of the great event.  Being „ambassadors of the ICC“ they can now fill the members of the congregations with enthusiasm for this feast of faith.  

For the congregations in the District Church of France which is also led by District Apostle Bernd Koberstein, Bishop Pierre Fetter will conduct comparable information meetings.

Various programs at the Church Convention

(10.10.2013) A whole host of contributions is offered at the International Church Convention (ICC). We are glad to say that the response to the call beginning of 2013, to submit contributions for the program of the Church Convention, was great. As active use was made by this possibility the planning group has received more than 300 interesting offers until middle of the year.  

Since event places and time windows at the ICC are restrictedly available, approx. 170 program contributions from the multitude of – partly thematically similar – suggestions had to be chosen which will go into action: So it is possible to realize a varied and various program for the Church Convention.

A hearty thank-you also here for all contributions and the engagement which was already produced by the ones involved until present time!

On the three days of the event of the Church Convention in Munich from June 6 - 8, 2014, more than 20 lectures, over 50 workshops (many of them several times), seven discussion forums, several prayers each day, various concerts and further musical performances – from church music over classical music and jazz up to pop and rock – as well as presentation stands, films, possibilities to care community and much more will be offered. Climaxes of the feast of faith are the Pentecost divine service with the Chief Apostle (Sunday, 10 a.m.), the concert in the Olympiastadion (Saturday, 8 p.m.) and the official festive opening (Friday, 6 p.m.) You will find the time schedule of the ICC event days here.  

For the different items of the program the whole event grounds, the Olympic Park in Munich, are used: all halls as well as further big tents and the open-air exhibition ground.

In our category program we will gradually present the single items of program. After registration the participants will receive the complete program of the Church Convention as a printed program with the welcoming package (see category registration) by mail or on the spot.

Discussion circle in Munich – "Experience God's closeness" …

(1.10.2013) With regard to the Olympic spirit "Taking part is everything!", representatives of the European District Churches were put in the mood for next year's great event: the International Church Convention. They came together for a meeting with the Church Convention's planning group in the Olympics Hall in Munich on September 19, 2013, and exchanged thoughts and experiences concerning the preparations for this special feast of faith.

The first International Church Convention (ICC) hosted by the New Apostolic Church International which will take place in the Olympic Park in Munich from June 6 to 8, 2014, should become a climax in the life of every ICC participant. During these three days, everyone should be able to experience the motto of the Church Convention "For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you". During the discussion between the planning group and representatives of the District Churches, all were in agreement that the motto should also be brought along by the participants in their hearts and should be fulfilled in them. The Church Conventions message is therefore: "Experience the kingdom of God – God's closeness – at the ICC! But let this also be true through you!"

One of the contents of the discussion between the planning group and representatives of the District Churches was the current state of planning: the representatives were provided with information on the Church Convention program, the registration procedure, and a presentation of the ICC for their districts and congregations.

The discussion circle was rounded off by a tour through the Olympic Park – which will be used completely for the Church Convention events – and an inspection of the individual event locations.

The various program points offered at the Church Convention (see heading Program) should exemplify the vision and mission of the New Apostolic Church and its self-image in practice. The persons responsible for the exhibition and presentation stands at the Church Convention had also gathered at the event location two days earlier for a preparatory meeting. The District Churches will present themselves at stands during the Convention at the central point of the Olympic Park, on the Coubertin Square. In addition, various associations and institutions will present themselves using own stands in the Olympics Hall, for example NAK-Karitativ e.V., Netzwerk Apostolische Geschichte e.V. or Bischoff Verlag, the Church-owned publishers.

The planning for the large event as well as the preparations for the individual program contributions are now continuing with great panache and commitment. We shall continue to publish further important information on the state of planning on the ICC website.