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Contributing ...at the program

Already at the beginning of the year 2013 we appealed to send contributions concerning the program of the International Church Convention to the planning group. Active use was made by this possibility and so, until middle of the year, we have received sufficient contributions for a varied and various program for the International Church Convention.

Meanwhile the program planning is completed and the persons or groups which have handed in a contribution were informed whether it could be included in the program or not. Thank you very much for all contributions and the engagement which was already produced by the ones involved until present time!

All persons involved in the program (speaker, workshop head, conductor, chorister, orchestra players, exhibitor’s staff etc.) will receive a cost-free ticket for the Church Convention. For this purpose it is necessary that those involved in the program register in the Helpers Web portal (only in German) and chose there the task Beitragsleister under the menu item „Meine Daten“„Gewünschter Aufgabenbereich“„Bereich Veranstaltungsorga“.

The welcome package and the access pass for those involved in the program can be picked up directly on the Church Convention in the organizer’s office (in the VIP-area of the Olympic Park in Munich).

In the Helpers Web portal also persons can register who would like to help on the Church Convention for example in the areas of deployment of medical service, steward, logistics and others. All helpers receive a cost-free ticket for the Church Convention if they are available as helpers on at least two days.  A separate registration for the Church Convention via the congregation, via online-ticketing or via phone is not necessary for registered helpers or those involved in the program.


Notes for choir and orchestra members:

For ensembles, such as choirs and orchestras, it is recommended to register as a group in the Helpers Web portal.

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