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The Olympic Park – an Eldorado for every visitor

The Olympic Park in the north of Munich was laid out on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 1972 and has been a city jewel ever since. Whether major events or just an amble on a Sunday afternoon – everyone gets their money's worth here.
The grounds are easy to reach using public transport. This is also highly recommendable since the 4,000 parking spaces are occupied extremely quickly at a concert or similar large event. See also the headings Journey and Mobility.

The Olympic Park has recorded 186.4 million visitors since 1972, a sign that the grounds are still full of life even after more than 40 years. Nowadays it is a leisure centre and impresses with its high concentration and combination of different event locations.

Paved and beautifully designed paths lead walkers, cyclists, and joggers through the park, and clear signposts are positioned even at the smallest of intersections. It is practically impossible to get lost. Should this nevertheless happen, it is only necessary to look upwards, to search for the tip of the Olympic Tower, and head towards it … and one is back in the centre.
Visitors from all over the world, but also the inhabitants of Munich, are attracted by huge concerts, the special architecture, and the neat nature, and awaken the grounds to new life every day.

A wide scope of information on the Olympic Park can be found at the website of the Olympic Park.

The complete Olympic Park will become the location for the first International Church Convention of the New Apostolic Church at Pentecost 2014.

The event locations of the Church Convention

The Olympiastadion, with a maximum capacity of 75,000, can already be seen from far away, and will be the location at which the divine service held by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will take place on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014. The opening ceremony of the Church Convention will also take place here on Friday, June 6, 2014, at 6 p.m., and also the concert on Saturday, June 7, 2014, at 8 p.m. The Olympiahalle with seating for almost 14,000 and the adjacent BusinessArea form the second largest event hall on the grounds.

The centre of the Olympic Park and also of the Church Convention is the Coubertinplatz at which the District Churches involved will present themselves at stands throughout the three days of the event.

Further locations for the Church Convention are the Kleine Olympiahalle, the Event-Arena, the Theatron, the Eissportzentrum (Eisstadion, Eissporttrainingshalle and SoccArena) and the Werner-von-Linde-Halle. Additional tents in which program contributions will be made are located close to the Werner-von-Linde Hall, to the southwest of the Olympic Stadium, and on the gravel lot in front of the Small Olympic Hall. The presentation "Tabernacle" is located in the vicinity of the parking lot.

An overview of the grounds is provided in pdf format.

Safety information

As the organizer of the Church Convention in the Olympic Park, we are obliged to observe the site rules  and the requirements of the authorities. These regulations also specify which objects may be taken into the event locations, and which are prohibited.

General safety information
It is essential that all escape routes and emergency exits are kept free at all event locations. Fires are not permitted anywhere on the event grounds, and smoking is not permissible in the event locations. Luggage must not be left unattended. Everyone should take care and protect their valuables.

Unattended luggage

If found luggage cannot be assigned to its owner, please immediately inform the security personnel or a steward!

Taking along of objects
It is not permissible to take the following objects into the event locations (stadium, halls and marquees):

  • Backpacks
  • Containers made of glass (e.g. bottles, perfume), of metal (e.g. drink cans, Thermos flasks) or under pressure (e.g. aerosol cans)
  • PET bottles with a capacity of more than 0.5 litres
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Stick umbrellas and bulky items (e.g. boxes, suitcases, camera tripods)
  • Weapons, knives, pyrotechnics
  • Animals
  • Super telephoto lenses with a focal length of 300 mm or more (these large telephoto lenses must either be submitted into safe custody at the entrance of the event location or stowed away in a small rucksack during the event)

It is permissible to take the following objects into the event locations (stadium, halls and marquees):

  • Handbags and small rucksacks with personal items
  • PET bottles with a capacity of up to 0.5 litres
  • Small telescopic umbrellas
  • Medicines and baby food
  • Guide dogs
  • Cameras / digital cameras with standard telephoto lenses with a focal length up to 200 mm

Parking areas for prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and wheeled walkers
Prams and pushchairs cannot be taken into all audience areas at the event locations. However, supervised areas are provided where prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and wheeled walkers can be left while visiting an event. The stewards at the entrances to the event locations can provide information.

Closed areas for visitors
Visitors to the ICC are not permitted to enter areas for which they have no permission (e.g. stages, backstage areas). Only persons with appropriate access authorization will be granted admission.

Journeying to the Olympic Park

Whichever point of the compass you are coming from, the Olympic Park is best reached by public transport. Information on journeying to the Olympic Park, the location of the Church Convention, is available under the heading Mobility.

If you nevertheless wish to travel by car, you can use the numerous Park & Ride possibilities around the city.

Parking at the Olympic Park

Part of the "Parkharfe" on the west side of the Olympic Park can be used throughout the Church Convention. The parking fees are 5 euros/day for cars and 20 euros/day for campers.

Spaces in parking bay P1 will be kept free for persons with handicaps, and spaces in parking bay P2 for coaches. Further information can be found in the section Parking.

Moving around the grounds

Short distances between the individual event locations make the Olympic Park attractive since one only has to walk a few minutes to get from one building to another.

However, there will also be three free means of transport covering the grounds during the Church Convention. These can be used to comfortably reach the individual locations.

All three routes will be continuously available at the following times on the three event days:

Friday, June 6, 2014: 9:30 a.m.– 0:30 a.m. (Saturday morning)
Saturday, June 7, 2014: 8:00 a.m. – 0:30 a.m. (Sunday morning)
Sunday, June 8, 2014: 9:30 a.m.– 6:30 p.m.

The starting point for all routes is the stop between the Event Arena and the parking lot – getting on and off is possible at any stop on the grounds.

The Coubertin Line with two park trains will run every 10 minutes from the Event-Arena, past the Olympiastadion, across the Coubertinplatz up to the subway station "Olympiazentrum" and back again.

The Express Line with one park train will run every 20 minutes from the Event-Arena along the Olympiasee up to the Eisstadion and back again.

The Spiridon-Louis Line with seven buses will run every 10 minutes and connect the Event-Arena to the BusinessArea of the Olympiahalle.

An overview of the means of transport in the Olympic Park during the Church Convention is provided by the route map in pdf format.

Persons with handicaps can either use the shuttle service, or be picked up by a special vehicle for the handicapped. This vehicle can be requested from the event management office: Tel xxxxxx or xxxxxx

Other leisure facilities

Other places of interest on the grounds are the Olympic swimming pool and the Olympic tower - these are open at the usual times during the Church Convention.
The "Sea Life" aquarium will also fascinate young and old.

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