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How to get to Munich

Munich is the capital and seat of government of the free state of Bavaria, and constitutes a significant metropolis of both Germany and Europe. The transportation links from Munich to all major cities and countries inside and outside of Europe are excellent.

Following we will offer tips for various travel options, although these are not necessarily exhaustive. Further information can be found, for example, at the city portal of Munich.

Information on travelling to the event grounds of the International Church Convention (ICC), Munich's Olympic Park, can be found in the section Mobility.

By airplane

Franz Josef Strauß International Airport (IATA-abbreviation “MUC”) is
located some 30 kilometres north of Munich. It is linked to downtown Munich and the Olympic grounds by Autobahn A92/A9 or E53/51, as well as subway lines S1 and S8 (see MVV Munich). The subway trip from the airport to the Olympic grounds takes approximately 35 minutes.

An airport shuttle runs between the airport’s central zone and the main train station every 20 minutes. Depending on the destination, a  taxi ride will cost between 70 and 90 euros, owing to the relatively large distance between the airport and the downtown core.

By train

Munich’s main train station is located in the city’s downtown core and can be accessed directly from the majority of Germany’s larger cities.

By bus

A number of congregations and other groups are organising bus trips to the ICC to Munich, however it is also possible to book an individual trip by bus, as there are several bus lines that connect Munich with many of the bordering countries.

This is a very inexpensive option. For example, a trip from Hamburg to Munich would cost only 28 Euros (as of August 2013). The buses arrive in the city’s new bus terminal, which is very close to Munich’s main train station.

By car

The most important connections are as follows:

From the north: Take the A9 from Berlin/Nuremburg via Ingolstadt.

From the west: Take the A8 from Karlsruhe via Stuttgart, Ulm, and Augsburg, or the A96 from Switzerland via Lindau and Memmingen

From the south: Take the A95 from Italy and Austria via Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

From the east: Take the A8 from Austria, Salzburg, and Rosenheim, the A94 from Passau, or the A92 from the Munich airport and from Deggendorf. 

The routes in the north, west, and south of Munich are often very congested. Parking is very expensive in Munich’s city centre (one hour can cost as much as six euros—as of August 2013). Illegal parking and parking timeouts are penalised with very high fines (as much as 50 euros) or towing (which costs upwards of 250 euros).

To make matters worse, the impound lots for towed vehicles are located quite a distance outside of Munich.

We recommend you take public transportation - which also offers inexpensive day passes, family tickets, etc. - for trips into downtown Munich.

Car sharing

Within Germany, portals offer the inexpensive travel option of car sharing. Car sharing offers can also be booked from various continental European countries through the appropriate portals.

We draw attention to the issue of insurance (which is not always clear), the matter of security (which is not always optimal), and the fact that exact departure and arrival times cannot be guaranteed.

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