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The first International Church Convention (ICC) in Munich is envisaged as an exceptional event for all participants through which our faith is strengthened and we receive valuable impulses. It is of course also a matter of principle that persons with a handicap should have an unlimited possibility to participate in this highlight. Therefore attention was paid during the preparations to comprehensive freedom from barriers.

Questions such as the following concern visitors with a handicap: Where can I stay overnight during the ICC? How can I get to the event location without problem? Can I participate in all events? Is there a sufficient number of wheelchair accessible toilets and relaxation rooms on the grounds of the Olympic Park? The answers to such questions can be found under the heading "Accessibility". The information will be updated as necessary.

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How do I get a ticket?
The ordering of tickets for persons with an impairment or handicap is possible, as for all other participants, online or by telephone.

Persons with an impairment or handicap will be contacted personally by telephone to coordinate support services they require in order to visit the Church Convention.

Do handicapped persons have free entry?
Severely handicapped persons (in Germany: degree of disability 50 or more) can purchase reduced tickets. A necessary accompanying person has free entry.
The reduced tickets are available – like all other ticket versions – as a 1-day ticket (price: 10 euros) or a 2-day ticket (price: 20 euros). More information can be found under the heading registration.

How is a necessary accompanying person registered?
A necessary accompanying person get a free ticket and hasn't be specified at the ticket order. The personal data of the accompanying person will be listed during the telephone call.


Where is affordable barrier-free accommodation available?
Wheelchair users and persons with restricted mobility require barrier-free accommodation. Large German cities such as Munich now have a number of hotels with accessible rooms.

Rooms accessible for persons with handicaps can be booked from the hotel quotas for the International Church Convention via the agency.

Alternative offers for wheelchair-accessible apartments for approx. 30 euros per night are available from the Stiftung Pfennigparade in Munich-Schwabing. The rooms are equipped with nursing bed, shower/WC, kitchen, and sleeping facilities for at least one further person.

Pfennigparade Apartments
Barlachstr. 26
80804 Munich
Phone +49 89 83 93 66 55

Further accommodation is listed in the comprehensive information brochure "Barrierefrei durch München" (issued only in german by the handicapped persons advisory body of the city of Munich).

Mobility in Munich

Travelling in Munich – how does it work with a wheelchair?
Munich has a good public transportation system. The buses and trams are largely barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible; this also applies to the subway system with certain restrictions.

Almost all modern trains are without steps. Older trains are only accessible via a relatively high step, but even this is possible with an electric wheelchair. Most subway stations are provided with elevators. Further information on barrier-free subway stations, tram lines and bus lines can be found in the Munich city portal on the pages of the Munich transportation system – including barrier-free network plan.

The Munich transportation system now also provides its timetable inquiries with information on the freedom from barriers.

Look here to find out how to use public transport to travel from the central railway station to the Olympic Park.

The event grounds: the Olympic Park

How can people with handicaps find what they need at the Olympic Park?

One aspect for handicapped persons participating in the Church Convention is arriving at the Olympic Park unhindered. Once there, it is essential that they can find their way around without problem and know where to find specific help and facilities such as toilets for the disabled and relaxation rooms.

The site plan for the Olympic Park shows the locations of the toilets and the service centre for people with handicap; this plan can be downloaded here in pdf format.

The central meeting point for persons with and without handicaps is the Werner-von-Linde-Halle. An information stand especially for people with handicaps will be open there on Friday and Saturday, in each case between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. The hall is accessible for wheelchair users via a side door in the basement which in turn is accessible via a paved descent.

Parking spaces

Persons with handicaps with an aG or Bl symbol in their disabled person's pass can use the spaces on the "parking harp" free of charge. Spaces in parking bay P1 will be kept free for persons with handicaps. From there it is possible to reach the Event Arena over level access and to the barrier-free entrance to the Olympic Stadium, the "Kleines Marathontor" (small marathon gate).

Shuttle-Service at the grounds

During the Church Convention there will be three free means of transport covering the grounds. These can be used to comfortably reach the individual locations.

All three routes will be continuously available at the following times on the three event days:

Friday, June 6, 2014: 9:30 a.m. – 0:30 a.m. (Saturday morning)
Saturday, June 7, 2014: 8:00 a.m. – 0:30 a.m. (Sunday morning)
Sunday, June 8, 2014: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

The starting point for all routes is the stop between the Event Arena and the parking lot – getting on and off is possible at any stop on the grounds.

The Coubertin Line with two park trains will run every 10 minutes from the Event-Arena, past the Olympiastadion, across the Coubertinplatz up to the subway station "Olympiazentrum" and back again.

The Express Line with one park train will run every 20 minutes from the Event-Arena along the Olympiasee up to the Eisstadion and back again.

The Spiridon-Louis Line with seven buses will run every 10 minutes and connect the Event-Arena to the BusinessArea of the Olympiahalle.

An overview of the means of transport in the Olympic Park during the Church Convention is provided by the route map in pdf format which can be downloaded here.

Persons with handicaps can either use the shuttle service, or be picked up by a special vehicle for the handicapped. This vehicle can be requested from the event management office: Tel xxxxxx or xxxxxx

Barrier-free access to the event locations and spaces for wheelchair users

The barrier-free access points are shown in red/yellow on the site plan; if there is a separate barrier-free access point, this is shown in yellow.

The Kleine Marathontor ("small marathon gate") is a separate barrier-free access point on the southwest side of the stadium. Spaces for wheelchair users are located directly on the edge of the playing field on the right of the grandstand.


The east and west entrances to the Olympiahalle are barrier-free. The spaces are located above the galleries by the standing areas.

BusinessArea of the Olympiahalle:
The entrance to the BusinessArea of the Olympiahalle is located on the north side and is barrier-free.

The main access point to the Event-Arena is on the southeast side of the hall and is barrier-free.

The Werner-von-Linde-Halle has a separate barrier-free entrance on the south side.

Kleine Olympiahalle:

A separate barrier-free entrance with an elevator is located on the north side of the Kleine Olympiahalle.

Eissportzentrum (Eisstadion, Eissporttrainingshalle and SoccArena):
The Eissportzentrum (Eisstadion, Eissporttrainingshalle and SoccArena) can be accessed barrier-free from the south via a separate entrance between the Eisstadion and the SoccArena. There are 16 spaces for wheelchair users in the Eisstadion – these are located in the staircase areas.

Events with and about people with handicaps

The ICC will offer numerous events covering a wide range of topics. There are also special items on the program concerning living with handicaps, including discussion forums, workshops, and musical projects. The inclusion should be particularly emphasized. Facilities will also be provided for the pastoral care of handicapped persons and their families. More information in our category magazine.

Freedom from barriers at events

Pictograms in the program booklet – the ICC guide which every participant at the Church Convention will receive with the welcome package – will help you to recognize the freedom from barriers at the individual event locations. Space will be reserved for wheelchair users at the central large events in the Olympic Stadium. The opening event and the Pentecost service will be interpreted into the manually coded language (MCL) and the German sign language (DGS).

The podium discussion with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on Saturday, June 7, 2014, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. in the Olympiahalle will be transmitted to the Werner-von-Linde-Halle and to the Eisstadion and interpreted there into sign language.

An exact overview of all the events which will be interpreted will be available on this website about four weeks prior to the Church Convention. Separate headphones for hearing-impaired persons will not be required – your own hearing aids will be sufficient.

Additional barrier-free service

There are many different types of handicap, and people with handicaps therefore have individual requirements which should be taken into consideration at the Church Convention. A number of special services are listed below:

Relaxation facilities
The service centre for people with handicaps is located in the BusinessArea of the Olympiahalle. A relaxation area is located there with proper beds and toilets for the disabled, providing the possibility for interim recuperation. A friendly helper team will provide the required support for self-help in accordance with individual requirements. Participants with handicaps who depend on personal assistance should arrange this themselves prior to the Church Convention.

Help for persons with special handicaps and rest periods in special nursing beds are available at the Service Centre in the Werner-von-Linde-Halle in the rooms directly next to the medical service.

Hiring of wheelchairs and wheeled walkers

If necessary, a limited number of wheelchairs and wheeled walkers can be hired following payment of a deposit of 20 euros. Visitors with an electric wheelchair are asked to bring along their own battery charger since there are many different charging systems.

Guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs
Certified guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs may be taken along to all Church Convention events.

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