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„One faith – one aim“ – Why not also the same bag or the same T-shirt?

(14.8.2013) For the International Church Convention 2014 the organizers have already thought about and planned many things beforehand. So merchandise articles with the logo of the Church Convention are at the disposal now in a beautiful choice. T-shirts, rucksacks, badges, stickers, bags, thermal cups and many other articles can be reserved as of now without obligation in the online shop to the ICC. At a later time there will be the possibility to change the reservation into an obligatory order.

The articles are suited very well as presents for Christmas because they are delivered to the respective customers as of the beginning of December. To increase the anticipation of the ICC we advise to carry out a collective order for larger groups.

Moreover, the recognition effect is unbelievable: Isn’t it beautiful if one suddenly recognizes the T-shirt, the rucksack or the bag in the morning during the breakfast in the hotel or the pension in Munich and: „We have the same faith and the same aim, we are in Munich to participate at the ICC!“ So: You would be best to look at the articles and reserve them immediately! (m.m.)


Online survey concerning the Church Convention - "Ecumenism" ranked first in the suggested topics

(12.8.2013) "Are there any special themes which in your opinion should be addressed at the Church Convention?" This open question concerning the International Church Convention 2014 was answered by 2,206 participants in the online survey with 2,296 suggestions.

This made it possible for the organizers of the Church Convention to gain an overview, for ultimately one wishes to pay attention to currently important themes of faith and fellowship. Therefore there were a number of open questions in addition to the specific ones. In this manner, the quantitative evaluation could be supplemented by important facets.

From the wide range of replies to the additional question concerning special themes, one stood out significantly. "Ecumenism / ACK" headed the TOP 20, being named 369 times. This was followed by "Doctrine" (284), "Church strategy / future" (242), "Women in the NAC" (180), and "Congregations" (148). Also named more than 100 times were "Faith / everyday matters" (106) and "Catechism" (103).

A number of original quotes from the frontrunners among the suggested themes permit an understanding of the wide variety of wishes. For example, numerous participants in the Church Convention wish to be informed on "Position of the New Apostolic Church within Christianity" in general and on the state of the "Discussions with the Council of Christian Churches" in particular. These and similar points can be found under the keyword

"Ecumenism / ACK"

  • "How does our Church envisage the cooperation with other churches, and where does it draw a line?"
  • "Lived ecumenism – how is this experienced in practice? How do I conduct myself in a service e.g. in the Catholic Church?"
  • "Indicate the common features, and not only focus on differences."

The interest in an outward opening of the Church is closely followed by the inward view. "The goal of faith of New Apostolic Christians and how this can be reached" should be examined in more detail. Further core aspects can be summarized under the term


  • "Concept of Church, concept of ministry, Holy Spirit"
  • "The exclusivity claim of our Church"
  • "Expectation of Jesus' imminent return"

The future of our Church also greatly concerns the members. Many specific proposals are made regarding the demographic and structural changes. These can be summarized for the evaluation under the caption

"Church strategy / future"

  • "How does the NAC approach the (…) problem of finding young ministers?"
  • "Merging of congregations"
  • "Vision of the future, a changing Church"

Closely connected with the question concerning the future is the consideration of the traditional gender role in the Church. Part of the wide range of discussion is covered by the group of themes

"Women in the NAC"

  • "The involvement of women in the NAC"
  • "Women providing pastoral care"
  • "Women's equality in the ministry, not only `maidservants´"

The active involvement in the open questions reflects the interest in an exacting and pioneering program for the Church Convention.

In the next sequence we report about the feedbacks concerning the topic "Music at the Church Convention". (a.r.)

Time frame for the event days of the Church Convention

(1.8.2013) The International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church will take place in the Olympia Park in Munich over the Pentecost weekend from June 6 to 8, 2014. A highly versatile program will be offered on the three days of the event for all age groups (children, youth, midlifers, seniors) including lectures, devotionals, workshops, music, exhibitions, meeting forums, and much more.

On Friday, June 6, 2014, exhibitions and display stands will already be open in the complete Olympic Park at 10 a.m.
The events in the various halls will start at 1 p.m.
The official opening ceremony will take place on Friday in the Olympic Stadium at 6 p.m. This will be followed by a late-evening program with devotionals, performances, music, lectures, workshops, and panel discussions until approx. 11 p.m.

Saturday, June 7, 2014, will commence with several devotionals in various halls at 9:30 a.m. The events of the Church Convention program will start at 10 a.m.
A concert in the Olympic Stadium is planned for Saturday evening at 8 p.m.
Devotionals and music, among others, will be available following the concert in the late-evening program until approx. 11 p.m.

The highlight of the Church Convention for all participants is the Pentecost service with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider on Sunday, June 8, 2014. The divine service will take place in the Olympic Stadium at 10 a.m. and will be transmitted throughout Europe by satellite.
The District Apostles will regulate the organization in their respective districts for this transmission service to ensure that members who do not participate in the Church Convention are also cared for.

Following the divine service, exhibitions and display stands can be visited further until 6 p.m., and discussions will still be possible at the meeting points. The conclusion of the Church Convention will include further music starting at 2 p.m. as well as open singing to which all who are not yet already on their way home are sincerely invited. The Church Convention will finish at 6 p.m.

The detailed program will be provided to all participants of the Church Convention in the form of a printed program (ICC Guide) together with the welcome package. This will include all information on the Church Convention program and on the individual events with descriptions, times, and locations as well as further details.

The program contributions for the Church Convention were submitted in the first half of 2013 following a request made by the responsible project group. We sincerely thank everyone for the numerous submissions with which an interesting and versatile Church Convention program can be organized in line with the motto "Indeed, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17: 21). Please appreciate that no further program contributions can be accepted or considered.