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Your destination in 2014? Munich of course!

(30.6.2013) Early booking is worthwhile – everyone knows this meanwhile. As New Apostolic Christians we are very relaxed with regard to our travel plans next year. This thought on its own already grants ease of mind. For we can put aside the long evenings in which we pore over catalogues, comparing hotel assessments, and studying weather charts. There is no reason for us to ponder whether mountains, lakes or cities attract us, for the host city of the International Church Convention offers all this and much more. Isn't that wonderful? Munich – a beautiful metropolis, more than five well-known and many smaller lakes in the vicinity, mountains and forests directly on the outskirts, and highly versatile cultural experiences. But the best is that the whole world is coming to the snug city on the River Isar for three days and that we can almost already sniff the international flair.

The thrill of anticipation concerning the Pentecost weekend 2014 has increased even further since the Youth Days in Nuremberg and Offenburg. A trailer and further information concerning the Church Convention have whetted our appetite and convinced us that we absolutely want to participate, perhaps even helping along in the preparation and organization of the Pentecost feast 2014. Following the presentation of the ICC one noticed immediately that the flame was kindled. Some already wanted to book their hotel accommodation on the homeward journey, others made plans considering acquaintances from whom they could borrow a camper. Everyone wants to go to the ICC, everyone should feel comfortable, we all want to be together and are happy that we have each other. And we now hope that even last minute fans have been convinced that there is no better alternative to Munich in 2014 anyway. (n.z.)

ICC 2014 in nacworld, Facebook, and twitter

(20.6.2013) Slightly less than one year before the official launch, and the International Church Convention 2014 is already being foreshadowed. The preparations which started months ago are becoming more concrete, and initial information is being published and communicated – also via nacworld, Facebook and Twitter. The one or other may pose the question whether these social networks are really meaningful and/or necessary? Isn't the official website for the International Church Convention sufficient? The clear answer is: it all depends.

Service concept and communication channels

Let an answer be provided immediately to the inevitable question: it depends on the demands and expectations of the future visitors to the Church Convention. Theoretically speaking, the official website could be sufficient – but there are many interested persons from all age groups who primarily obtain their information via the social networks. More than 1,000 fans of the official Facebook fan page demonstrate that the interest is clearly present.

In addition, the networks make it possible to reach people who would otherwise not have heard about the International Church Convention 2014, or only very scantily. Utilisation of nacworld, the social network especially for questions and topics covering faith, is most appropriate anyway.

However, the second aspect of the communication offering is more the focal point: the service concept. Interested persons from all religious orientations are kept up-to-date by the social networks, can place their questions, and exchange views about a topic. At the International Church Convention itself, specific information on event times, localities, interviews and similar will be published in the networks. (c.m.)

International Pentecost celebration 2014 in the Olympic Park in Munich

(6.6.2013) Pentecost: worldwide, New Apostolic Christians are sitting in front of screens in their churches and are celebrating the divine service which the Chief Apostle, leader of the New Apostolic Church (NAC), is holding in a congregation in one of the District Churches. In 2014 this will be different for many: up to 60,000 people from all parts of the world will gather to celebrate the Pentecost service live in the Olympic Park in Munich together with Jean-Luc Schneider, Chief Apostle and leader of the New Apostolic Church International.

The occasion is the first International Church Convention 2014 of the NAC which will be held from June 6 – 8, 2014. Invited are New Apostolic Christians and interested persons between zero and 99 years. On the complete grounds of the Olympic Park, the visitors can exchange views in workshops, visit lectures, experience concerts, participate in sports or theatre presentations, and much more.

Numerous stands will provide the opportunity to get to know the Christian life of other cultures. In addition to the seven District Churches of Germany, the NAC from other European countries, South Africa, Australia, Canada/USA, and Southeast Asia will be represented.

The climax of the Church Convention will be the divine service in the Olympic Stadium on Sunday. It will be the first Pentecost service held by Jean-Luc Schneider in his ministry as Chief Apostle.

Under the motto "For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17: 21), the NAC with its International Church Convention 2014 wishes to bring together believers from all over the globe. The focal point should be Jesus Christ who shall be experienced in the fellowship of many believers. (s.e.)