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Structure and Financing

There are members of the New Apostolic Church on all continents. The Church has worldwide over ten million members.

Structure of the church

The Church is led by Apostles, first of all by the Chief Apostle. The Chief Apostle is the President of the New Apostolic Church International (headquarter: Zurich/Switzerland) and the highest clergyman. According to the New Apostolic faith he fulfills the service of Peter. Since Pentecost 2013 Jean-Luc Schneider from France has been the Chief Apostle. 

The closest coworkers of the Chief Apostle are the 19 District Apostles. They are the heads of one or more of the different regional churches which are legally independent. The regional churches consist of apostle areas that in turn consist of church districts. Several congregations are grouped together under one church district.  

The District Apostles and their assisting Apostles are supported by further ministers in the spiritual care of the congregations. There are currently over 275.000 ministers worldwide. Except for few exceptions all ministers work in an honorary capacity for the church.


The New Apostolic Church is financed from voluntarily and anonymously given offerings and from donations; it does neither impose church taxes nor membership contributions. 

In the context of its Christian and social responsibility the church maintains a number of relief organizations. These organizations do international assistance in emergency cases, promote re-construction projects and development measures; they support social institutions…. – so that people can live safe and in dignity. 

All help – which in principle shall be „help to the self-help“ and make possible a durable improvement in the living conditions – is designed for everyone who suffers need, notwithstanding of sex, skin colour, religion, nation and origin.

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