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Helpers at the ICC 2014

Since November 2012 inquiries have been reaching the event team concerning where one can register as a helper for the International Church Convention (ICC) of the New Apostolic Church which shall take place in the Olympic Park in Munich from June 6 to 8, 2014.

The answer is very simple: in the Helpers Web portal (in German only).

Many helpers have already registered for the ICC in the Helpers Web portal since March 1, 2013, without a reservation for the area of deployment. This is simply superb and demonstrates the enthusiasm of the believers for "their" Church. Most sincere thanks!

You also want to be a helper at the ICC 2014?

Starting June 17, 2013, extended registration is possible – with descriptions of the jobs, and possibilities for reservation for the various areas of deployment (e.g. steward, medical service, etc.).


Be an active participant!

As a registered helper you can view, select, and print out individual task descriptions in the Helpers Web portal (in German only).

You can use the menu item "Aufgaben" to gain an overview. The requirement profiles are listed there for all tasks as well as the working times.
Under the menu item "Meine Daten" -> "Angaben ändern" -> "gewünschtes Aufgabengebiet" you can select the task area in which you wish to be active. If you want, you can also select several tasks which you wish to take on.

As soon as you have decided on the area in which you wish to help, enter your selection in your data profile. If you have specific qualifications, especially with regard to medical services, you can note this in the field "Particular suitability". We shall contact such helpers in writing who have registered for an individual task and where the task area is already sufficiently covered, and offer an alternative activity.

And finally, please do not forget to save the changes using the "Aktualisieren" button.

The "Helferportal Service Team" can be reached per e-mail or phone under "Kontakt". All inquiries will be answered promptly by a well-staffed team.

The initial assignment of areas of deployment has started on September 1, 2013. You can find your personal area of development under "Meine Daten". Further information can be found on the site of the Helpers Web portal.

Important notes

All helpers must be fluent in German, as it is the common language throughout the whole helper organization. Though, more language skills are highly welcome.

All helpers receive a free ticket for every event days at the International Church Convention if they will help on at least two days. It is not necessary that registered helpers register separately at the Church Convention via the congregation or online.

The welcome package and the documents for helpers will be handed over on arrival on the event grounds.

If a helper must withdraw the cooperation, the welcome package (ticket included) is ready at the helper check-in on the event grounds. In fairness to all other participants the full ticket price must then be paid. 

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