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  • 06.09.2014: More than one year of reporting on the ICC website

    We have to say goodbye!

    06.09.2014: More than one year of reporting on the ICC website

    Bye-bye …

Dear Brothers and Sisters, dear visitors of this Internet site,

Munich has been the venue of many great events, especially in the Olympic Stadium – permit me to mention the Olympic Games 1972 and the World Cup 1974. Forty years later, from the viewpoint of the "New Apostolic world", an unprecedented and magnificent event will take place in Munich: the International Church Convention. I wish all participants that the Church Convention will be highly profitable for them.

As the patron I am extremely happy that the Church Convention will take place in the "Metropolis with heart", as Munich is referred to. A "Church Convention with heart" will be what we can celebrate together if we have an open heart for each other.

On June 6, 2014 the Church Convention will be declared open by Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider. May the wide variety of preparations be successful by then! I wish each and every one involved in whatever manner that they can be motivated by the thrill of anticipation of all those who are already looking joyfully towards this special event.

I would also like to greet all members wherever they are who would love to come to the Church Convention but cannot do so for various reasons, and I invite you to regularly visit this Internet site: you can then keep up-to-date on the Church Convention preparations and follow the events on the three days extremely close to the action.

Otherwise I would like to already say today: WELCOME to the International Church Convention 2014!


Michael Ehrich